When do you know if you need coaching?

During a discussion with a potential client today, I was asked "how do I know if I need coaching and if it will help me?".

The truth is that until you've tried it, it may be hard to believe that you should get a coach. So what makes you believe you should?

My first experience with coaching by a professional coach at work was not good. All happened at work and on the phone. After a short conversation the coach suggested practices that did not sound right for who I was, hence I never did the practices. It ended quickly and I immediately decided that coaching was not something for me. It was five years ago.

Well, obviously I have changed my mind because now I am not only convinced that coaching is good for me but I have become a coach and I am committed to spread the value of coaching to others.

I would tend to say that everyone could benefit from a coach. Why? Because everyone has issues or questions that are hard to solve without someone else waking them up and shaking them in their own little world, bringing to them new perspectives about their life and making them aware of their blind spots.

The coach comes handy to pull them out of their dream, their world and giving them new eyes to look at their life.

Whether your issue is "I want to become a better spouse" or "I want to get promoted" or "I want a new life" or "I want to get better at making friends", someone else who does not know you might help you to see your issue from a different angle and support you in building skills that will make you solve those issues and recreate a new world where you feel better and happier.

Once you believe that coaching might indeed be for you, you will need to find a good coach for you, one who will care about you as a complex human being and more importantly one who will feel you and understand your issue in the context of your entire life. It is probably the hardest part of your coaching journey. The coach will only help you if you establish with the coach mutual trust and respect. Some coaches will work for some people and not for others. You will know it in your heart, body and mind during the first discussions with a coach.

Once you find a coach that you trust what matters next will be your commitment to engage in the practices and exercises that the coach gives you. Successful coaching requires work on both sides, the coach and the client.

So yes, you probably need coaching. Making it work will require finding a good coach for you and agreeing to do some work.