Change is hard

Even when we know what changes we want to make to our life, making those changes is hard and takes time.

Change is hard because it makes uncomfortable. We don't know how things will feel after change has happened. When we change something, we start from a place that we are familiar with, that we know well. The change promises to bring us to a less familiar place that we have not experienced yet, except in our imagination, in our mind. Therefore making this change involves some risk that is not always easy to accept and take. What if I lose my friends? What if I don't make enough money?

Change is hard because it requires effort. When we learn to do something, anything, either physical or cognitive, and we do it over and over, we become better at it and it progressively requires less and less effort for us to do it. Some things we do may even become automatic. We don't need to think when we do them. Learning to do something differently requires effort and makes uncomfortable because we have to re-engage the mind in learning something new. That consumes calories too.

Meanwhile change is appealing because it is life. How more alive can we be than when we discover new places, when we learn to do something new, when we conquer the unknown? Who has been warmed with joy after changing something to their life, being different for a while?

Also change is natural because life is change. Every moment that passes is different than any other moment. Every moment is different than any moment in the past or the future. How may we adapt to a changing life if we continue doing the same exact thing the same exact way over and over?

The secret to change is openness and curiosity. The good news is that everyone can learn to be more open and more curious.